Jan Brehm

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A Closer Look

Growing up in the Northwest and graduating from the University of Oregon with a teaching degree, Jan never intended to choose acting as a career or even envisioned working in front of the camera, let alone on stage before hundreds of people. But for the last 30 years, that’s exactly where she has found herself…and loving every minute of it!

With over 1800 television commercials, Jan has the expertise needed to work both nationally and internationally. Advertising products ranging from diaper service to luxury automobiles, Jan emotes genuine enthusiasm with her camera presence and style.

 Jan began as a model in 1981 and soon wound up in front of the camera in her first TV commercial in Eugene Oregon. Moving to Portland and pursuing a career in acting, she studied at the Training Ground, now Portland Actors Conservatory and believes it was here she learned the solid fundamentals of acting which lead to the 1994 Cascade Awards Oregon Media Production Association’s “Judges Excellence In Achievement Award for Acting”.

Jan’s career has included and continues in stage, film, television, corporate video, radio, live show presentations, and print.

See Resume for detailed info.




Smiling Is Underrated

Jan’s career has included and continues in stage, film, television, corporate video, radio, live show presentations and print.

See resume for detailed info.

Jan brings more than 30 years of stage, screen, voiceover and live presentation experience to every project.
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 Jan Says

“When you receive rejection or failure and feel as if you’re going down, instead let it kick you forward”

“Move — just move, sometimes it doesn’t even matter what direction. Just get up and move. Action causes motivation and inertia breeds inertia”

“It can be a tough business. Let go. But don’t give up.”

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Others Are Saying

Daniel McCable

“Jan Brehm played the character of Eve Lyons in my feature film “Eve and Emily”. She is the most professional actor I have ever worked with hands down. She brought depth, heart, vulnerability, and the perfect amount of seduction to the part. Best of all she came prepared to the set, never complained, and was always enthusiastic. As a collaborator and fellow artist she helped me to understand the character that I created. She made real the character that I imagined.”

I would love to have my demo on this page as well. I will have that up in the next couple weeks.

Tara Krick

Producer, Business & Project Manager at RexPost
Jan Brehm is one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I’ve met in this industry. I’ve both hired her as an actor and had the pleasure of managing a project for her on her new venture. She’s always professional, and quick to praise others for their contributions, and very thankful. Her brain-child Planet Sweet Pea is a brilliant idea that she had and had the gumption and wherewithal to follow it thru to fruition. I look forward to working with her more in the future.less

Debbie Bahr, PMP, CSM, PMI-ACP, MBA

Sr Project Manager at Kaiser Permanente at TEK systems
Jan is an experienced, creative artist and business owner. Her background as an international talent gives her vision and an in-depth understanding of “the project,” marketing of the project, and the creativity to deliver a successful product. She can help you be a sucess! 

She is a delight to work with, and for. By using positive motivation to get the best out of all of us, people want to work for and with her! 

Her business sense and training / instructional experience have been invaluable to me. She conducts classes in a very professional manner, and, using what I’ve learned, I’ve auditioned and gotten some great jobs in the creative field. Knowing I’ve learned from “the best” has given me confidence to create, to get hired, and to take on life!

Patty Brockman

Jan has the vision and experience to bring a creative idea all the way from thought to final production. Her energy, focus, and ability to ‘see the whole picture”, along with her determination to achieve success, results in creating a project that has credibility as well as character, while still being entertaining.
Jan has worked in all aspects of media; from the fashion end, to writing, directing, producing, and editing. I have no doubt that Planet Sweet Pea will continue to grow and produce world class products in the future, under Jan’s direction.

Jan lights up a room when she enters it, with her contagious smile and charisma. She has the ability to make everyone around her feel important, and valued. This is an essential skill to have in the creative arts profession. I highly recommend Jan, after having worked side by side with her on numerous occasions for over 20 years.

Laura Miller

CEO Sapphire Daily Money Management
Jan’s talent is immense. She has the ability to deliver a speech, present at trade shows, voice over talent, or work on any creative project. She always adds tremendous value to enhance the quality of the entire project. She’s a team player who makes everyone around her feel good. I would hire her again anytime.

Rich Reynolds

Owner/Producer at Slipstream Media
Jan is a pleasure to work with. She is great on camera, very professional. We worked with Jan as a principal on camera talent for one of our clients. The client loved her and she quickly became an integral part of the success of our client. Jan brings a lot of experience to the production and is always pleasant and a joy to have on the production team. I would highly recommend Jan as a great on camera talent