Bird Flu

by Jan on June 1, 2010

It seems that by now I would have learned how to deal with difficult people. Annoyances such as complaining, judgments, criticisms, gossip, unsolicited opinions and advice given more out of manipulation and control than care and concern are just some of the ‘jeepers’ that make me ‘creepers’!

Today a comment was thrust upon me that sent me into a rather unattractive altered state. I was beyond peeved and before I gave a response, I called a friend who reminded me to not do anything while I’m angry. Well I’m cooled down but still bugged and need to scratch the itch…hence this blog.

I have read numerous self-help books on how to express anger, how to avoid co-depency and how to be an emotionally balanced person, etc.  They worked great while I was reading them but putting the concepts and ideas into action? Baffling.  I so admire others who can graciously handle difficult situations with an, “I understand you feel that way, but I feel…” or “I so appreciate your opinion and I would like to share mine if that is alright with you…”. Um, just not in the realm of my personal word formations.

Rarely do my annoyingly provoked verbal responses take flight, rather they flap around in my head until I’m dang near peckered out. A very wise king once wrote, “A gentle answer turns away wrath” and I have also heard it said that the negatives we perceive in others are merely a reflection of our own personal character defects. If this be the truth, then I believe perhaps the ‘gentle answer’ might need to be to offered to myself first.

Maybe then I would have a source of grace to draw from. Don’t know for sure. Sounds good. I do feel better. Now I gotta make the call.

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