A Few Menopause and Health Tips

by Jan on July 7, 2009

Oh my goodness! I have learned so much about my own health and hormones levels in the last year while building this DVD, “Blitzed by Menopause” and I would like to share a few tips with those of you encountering mid life and menopause.

My appetite of late has been insatiable. When I was pregnant, I was told I actually had a condition called “Insatiable Appetite”…and with this condition, I gained over 65 lbs. with my first baby 85 lbs. with my second. I was starving all the time and could not feel the sensation of fullness…even after single handedly consuming a large pizza! The minute my babies were born, this condition ceased…except for a couple days during my cycle.


So now I am in a menopausal hormonal holocaust and the condition is back. I went to see Dr. Tori Hudson who prescribed progesterone in a pill form, along with my estrogen patch, some other herbal menopause remedy and viola! I feel back to myself! Great energy and I am not starving continually, plus when I do eat, I feel sated!

Ladies, if you are experiencing odd hormonal symptoms, HRT is completely safe and for the most comprehensive presentation on the subject, Dr. Hudson addresses this on our DVD. It’s not worth suffering. Life is too short!

One more thing I just learned. I was recently diagnosed with osteopeania. Bone loss and a step before osteoperosis. While I have been taking calcium for years, I was deficient in vitamin D which helps to absorb the calcium.

I read a great book, “The Vitamin D Cure”, adjusted my vitamin D intake and let me tell you, I have a remarkable difference in my energy levels, am sleeping much better, my moods have improved and I know I can now arrest the bone loss as the calcium is being better absorbed. I take it in a liquid form under my tongue.

I am learning more as time goes on and have not felt this great in a long time!

More to come…

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