A Strange Sadness

by Jan on March 31, 2009

Ever have the feeling like you want to wrap your arms around something and just hold on for awhile? And with that, a deep unexplainable sadness?

My life couldn’t be better. At 55, a great career, wonderful husband who loves me dearly and makes me laugh, healthy and happy grown daughters….then why so sad?

I miss, so much, my babies who needed lullaby rocking; my little girls who needed their hair brushed and noses wiped; my young adolescent girls who were finding their way…

I’ve heard for years in advance about the “empty nest syndrome” but nothing could have prepared me for this. So many days I just wish I could go back, put down the demanding dirty dishes and laundry, get down on the floor and play Chutes and Ladders, color, read, hold, hold and hold some more my darling girls.

I was told by many when my girls were toddlers, “It’s going to go fast, enjoy your time.” Some days felt like it would never end. Had I known how fast it does go, I would have seen the world a little different and what I felt were emergencies, would have waited.

So here’s to the “empty nesters”. Let’s share that love and give it away to those who need a little nurturing, holding and perhaps a game of Chutes and Ladders.

My girls don’t need nurturing anymore and I did find this out the hard way. They don’t want to be held and rocked and sung to.

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