Conversations with Foggybrain and Muddlehead

by Jan on January 18, 2010

Early morning as sun rises on a new day full of promise.

Foggybrain: “I lost my keys.”

Muddlehead: …”Hey those are my keys, no wait those are not my keys, whose are these?”

Foggybrain: “Dunno. Now I can’t find my wallet.”

Muddlehead: “I saw it outside in the backyard.”

Foggybrain: “What’s it doing out  there?”

Muddlehead: “Dunno but I misplaced my “to-do” list for today and for the life of me, I can’t remember where it is I’m about to go.”

Foggybrain:”Yea, but where are my keys?”

Muddlehead: “Dunno.”

Foggybrain: “I can’t find my coat. I think I left it at Bill’s.”

Muddlehead: “I’m late for work…why are you wearing my shoes??”

…Stay tuned for more conversations with Foggybrain and Muddlehead…

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