Frantic Keyboard Punching Lonliness

by Jan on May 4, 2009

With all the ways and means to connect, interact and socialize with people online, why is it sometimes, the more I tweet, Facebook, blog, e-mail, myspace, I feel a sense of growing aloneness?

I once heard that the social networking available to us today is causing a sort of dehumanization. I sometimes wonder. I can tweet with the best of them and while it is entertaining to find out what Matthew Perry is cooking for dinner, I often wonder what happened to the art of letter writing or phone calling. Online social networking is admittedly quicker, easier and more effective but I’m not sure it nourishes the human soul as much as tickles the curious mind.

Just thinking. Just pondering. And making sure I have at least one kind and friendly face to face encounter with someone else today.

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