He Said, She Said. A Menopausal Exchange.

by Jan on March 12, 2010

1) He: “What’s some good advice for men living with menopausal women?”

She: “Say, ‘yes dear’. Always. No matter what. Forever.”

2) He: “How can we help men understand menopause?”

She: “Sit in a sauna for 8 hours. Then answer questions like, ‘What’s wrong with you?”.. and listen to well intended comments like, ‘Why don’t you just go for a walk…or… Maybe you should go for a quick workout at the gym.”

3) He: “How can we men cope with our wives menopause?”

She: “Keep an emergency kit with you at all times consisting of towels, ice packs and Snickers…that’s for you…add Butterfingers to the mix and it’s a date night”

4) He: “Some men say menopause is making their wives ‘nuts’. Any tips?”

She: “Add apples, celery, mayo and served chilled. Another date night.”

5) He: “Are there any special menopause products that would help?”

She: “See #3.”

6) He: “What should a man never say when his wife is in menopause?”

She: “We’re out of Snickers.”

6) He: “You know, I’m feeling more confused now, than I was at the beginning of this interview…”

She: “Then I have done my job well and welcome you into just one of the 35 symptoms of menopause. For more advise and info go to: www.planetsweetpea.com!

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