It Seems To Be Getting Worse…

by Jan on October 30, 2009

…my knarly tango with menopause that is! Just when I have those menopausal symptoms licked and I’m feelin’ back to me again, I discover that I am aimlessly wandering the aisles of Safeway or some other potential place of public humiliation talking to myself and in addition, extremely irritated and angry with anyone that comes within 25 feet of me. Or pretty much anyone within my hormonally challenged eye line.

I think we need to learn to laugh when experiencing these uncomfortable menopause signs and symptoms and if you haven’t seen our music video  yet, get a giggle and watch the following video after the break:

Menopause Madness (click play to start)

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But there is something more serious some of us women suffer during this transitional time that I would like to briefly write about. Sometimes I wake in the morning feeling useless and believe the messages in my head that say, “You can’t do this, who do you think you are, you’re too old, you’re a loser, you are not needed anymore…” etcetera and etcetera.

Being a naturally vibrant and life-loving woman, this for me is disturbing. As I fight through the onslaught of slandering woes and push myself to do the necessary tasks for the day, I find my mind calms a bit. But some days the self doubt, anxiety, restlessness are too much and I close the laptop, go to a movie and buy a large extra butter popcorn. I know that it is only a day and tomorrow will be different, maybe no better or worse, but different.

There are 35 symptoms of menopause and the aforementioned are only a few. The physical ones, hot flashes, night sweats, etc are a sweaty walk in the park compared to those that affect our mood and mental well being.

Guys who live with menopausal women, it does subside. I know it is difficult. I feel sad for my husband sometimes when I am shut down, checked out and just trying to ride the nasty mood out.

I believe all of life’s transitions for both men and women are challenging. Passing through these stages allows us to see at our deepest level, the true nature of our character and our need for grace.

It also shows us what we are made of. And right now I gotta admit, feeling tired and edgy and with Halloween being tomorrow…I’m made of a whole bunch of freshly ingested Snickers bars and Butterfingers! Yea baby! (Not a recommended health care choice in Dr. Tori’s “Women’s Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine”!)

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