Nuggets of Wisdom

by Jan on April 23, 2013

Wisdom is defined as, “Accumulated knowledge of life or in a particular sphere of activity that has been gained through experience”.

Well let’s see, here are just a few mid-life tidbits of wisdom I have accumulated through my life’s experiences thus far:

  • When everyone appears to be younger than you it’s because they are.
  • It’s OK to trust your life into the hands of a doctor that looks like your youngest child. And it’s OK to ask if they brushed their teeth and washed behind their ears. They understand.
  • Russian Tea is going to be the new “it” beverage soon. Get a jump on it and dig out that old recipe. I just had to look up how to spell recipe. Again.
  • When your knees betray you and you cannot get up gracefully from that chair, lie and say  you just went on a 10 mile run. Wait a few beats then say, “Just kidding”. If they are your age you will be saved the embarrassment because they will have forgot how hard it was for you to get out of that chair in the first place.
  • Arguing with hubby not nearly as fun because you can’t remember why you got angry in the first place.
  • It’s OK to listen to the Allman Brothers and feel groovy and cool again.
  • It would be best to not wear a bikini.
  • Ding Dongs don’t seem to taste as good… nor do Ho Ho’s.
  • And the most important to practice everyday:  Regretting the past is a waste of time. Forgive yourself.

For a little comic relief and pure silliness:


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