One Of Life’s Delighful Encounters

by Jan on June 6, 2018

A handshake of hero’s

Got lost. Was late and getting dark. In and out looking for a camping spot in the middle of nowhere. Lost in Skull Valley. Silly us thinking we could just drop in and find a free camp site Memorial Day weekend.

Then we met Harvey. He poked his head in our car window. Old, weather beaten, no teeth camp host with a contagious spitfire spirit that made us smile. He said let me give ol’ Steve a call. “Got an empty spot down there Steve? Got these folks coming in from Portland Oregon with no place to stay”. Harvey gave us a thumbs us, rested his arms on our window and started in on the story of his life.

His wife died 6 years ago. He lost everything. Some kind of bad deal. Been a camp host for over a year. “I’ve got a roof over my head, water and a flip phone. Camping all year. I’ve got it made. What more could I ask for? You folks had dinner?”

We got pizza and heard the rest of the story. Fought in the Korean War. A farmer from Turlock Ca. Wife out one day, grabbed her chest in pain. Heart attack and died. Harvey teared up.

We told him Ron is a Vietnam vet. Harvey lit up, shook his hand and said, “Well now! Thank you for your service”.

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