Reinventing My Heart

by Jan on December 22, 2009

How, I ask myself did I end up here? Too much time spent marching down the path of the ‘Have-Not’s,’ ‘Why-Me’s’ and ‘It’s-Not Fairs’ instead of exploring the ‘I-Haves’ on the Road of Gratitude.

Why does it often take a life crisis or even interruption to get us to absorb what we do have?

This last two weeks I have faced such an event. In my mind’s eye, viewing the potential disaster of my future, I was confronted with the reality of the condition of my heart.

I had grown terminally discontent. The small things mainly. My husband leaving his used bath towel on the bathroom floor would send me into internal grumbling and complaining.

The light fixture that didn’t work forced me to condemn the whole house adding adage’s of “why can’t I have bigger, better, more?”

So subtle is the negative spirit that robs us from viewing the abundance of the present. Sometimes the threat of losing enlightens our spirit to embrace the gifts we routinely overlook day after day.

I switched paths and today my gratitude runs deep. The mantle on my fireplace, the specially designed tiles on my kitchen floor, the well being of my children and even the used bath towel my husband left once again on the floor. It all appears new and I feel clean.

And as I exercise this gratitude I am offered a strength that overshadows of any threat of the future, fear of disaster and a provides a profoundly joyous heart replacing the one that just wouldn’t see.

Blessings to all!

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