To Hormone or Not to Hormone, That Apparently Seems to be the Question

by Jan on November 9, 2010

Could I be any more confused about Hormone Replacement Therapy? Is taking hormones safe for us? First it’s a “Yes”, then “No”, then  “Yes”, then “Maybe”, then “How should I know?”, followed with a “We think so” and finally, “Sit down, shut up and eat your dinner.”

At least that’s what it feels like! How many reports have been unveiled in the last 20 years regarding the safety and efficacy of HRT and each time the latest reports are released they seem to be the complete opposite of the previous findings!

Who should we be listening to? Movie stars? MD’s? Naturopathic Doctors? Our mothers? There’s a guy down the street that cleans offices at night that seems to be well versed in the subject…!

After extensive findings it was reported a few years ago that HRT was safe with a low percentage of women at risk if breast cancer was in their family. A month ago HRT now seems to be the cause of cancer in women and many gals I know frantically threw out their ‘happy pills, patches and creams’. A week ago Dr. Oz comes out and says (loosely stated), ‘Now, now no need to be hasty, they really aren’t that bad for you’…! I even heard a talk show guest blanketing Estrogen on causing Lung Cancer! When questioned, she did happen to mention that she had been smoking for 30 years. But the Estrogen caused the cancer. Uh huh.

What I know first hand is they work for me. I sleep better, feel better, and my husband seems to likes me more!

So here, to set the record straight, from Dr. Tori Hudson, a leader in women’s health:

So let’s lift a glass for those of us hormonally challenged and declare, “Here’s to Hormone, or not to hormone maybe next year we will have the answer!

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