Watchin’ the Warning Signs

by Jan on September 4, 2009

The levels indicated I was running low in ink on all four of the printers I own between my home and office, but I just kept on printing. I always figure I can squeeze those ink cartridges dry and might as well. Saves money.

I needed to print out a resume as I was hurrying out the door. Alas, I had not heeded the warning and I was out of ink…on all four printers.

Later that day my gas gauge indicated I was running low on gas. I play this game to see how many miles I can get on one tank.

As I sat stalled right in the middle of one of the busiest streets in Portland out of gas, I realized once again I had not taken serious the warning. This though, a far worse consequence…and embarrassing!

And to top it off my cell phone went dead. You know those little beeps the phone gives when the battery is dying? Yea, me too.

This has become a pattern.  I pay little attention to signals, signs and warnings that things might take a turn if I don’t wake up and tend to matters.
I think often as career women and as mothers we ignore the warning signs and tough it out. That deadline has got to be met, the kids need, the kids need, the kids need. We tend to put ourselves at the mid to bottom of the ranks. Some of us lose who we are.

Here’s a few warning signals from my life that I did not pay attention to:

Postpartum depression. All the signs were there. I was fully informed what to look for but my thought was, “never me”! And I suffered greatly.

Relationships. I had plenty of signs that they may be going sour. Didn’t give it much thought until they ran out of gas and sat stalled and empty.

Aging.  For this I plead denial!  As do many of us…But now,  I am willing to pay attention. It is a fact that heart disease is the number one killer of women. I am fully aware of the symptoms but knowing me, I would ignore them and see how much I could tough it out. This is just plain stupid. I’m making a change. I’m going to listen.

Here’s where I am paying attention:

Basal cell carcinoma. I have learned that with every bump, patch or skin irregularity, to go to the doctor and get checked. Almost 100% of the time my suspicions are accurate.


Menopause. After enough discomfort to last a lifetime, I am listening. I am watching. I am sharing:

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